Monday, June 30, 2008

Parkview Flood Recovery Update

About 100 people showed up on Saturday to help with our workday at Parkview. Many of the major goals on our church facility list were accomplished. We were also able to help 2 Idylwild residents empty their homes and 3 Normandy drive residents completely gut their homes of drywall and insulation. In addition we also distributed free personal care packets throughout the Normandy area. Needless to say, we are praising God for a very productive day of work that was a blessing to so many people.

As I announced on Sunday, we won’t be having a church-wide workday again until next Saturday. This will probably be how things roll for a while, though I do expect we will round up smaller teams for other projects on an as needed basis. The residents in the Normandy area are still in need of help, so please consider rounding small groups to go in and help while there is still a need.

On Sunday I shared that Parkview is intent upon renovating our present facility and exploring all other options for future expansion. It does appear that there will no longer be the ability to expand at our present location, so this has opened up all sorts of possibilities for the future. Please pray for the Facility Task Force as we begin exploring all options. We will be having forums for church input in the next few months.

Below are a few pictures of this weekends work efforts....

This is the preschool area.

The chapel stage.

The worship center from the tech booth. The cross was one of the crosses used for past seasonal celebration weekends.

All the porcelain getting a much needed bath.

Some connecting over food. Thanks to the deaconess team for doing an amazing job at keeping everyone well fed!

Help moving people in the neighborhood.

Our parking lot is now the staging area for waste removal.

My favorite stall was the last place to get demo'd. : )


Vitamin Z said...


That is nuts. Wild.


Kristen said...

Thanks for posting these pics Scott!