Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Iowa River Flood Update 11

The river is going down! Here are some pics I snagged around 8:30 am this morning. Please pray that we will be given access to the building ASAP. The sooner we can dry out the building, the more we can reduce the risk of dangerous mold growth and serious damage to the building's structural integrity.

For those of you who labored so intensely by filling sandbags, please know that your labor was not in vain. We recently learned that one of the greatest and most costly causes of structural damage in flood situations is a damaged foundation. The sandbagging we did protected the foundation from river current and therefore greatly aided our cause to save our facility.

As of today, our Parkview email is still out of commission. If you know them, you can email staff at their personal email accounts. In recent days the decision was made to move all church staff to our present office location. Consequently, if you need to reach a staff member, just call the office during operating hours at 354-5580.

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