Monday, June 09, 2008

Iowa River Flood Update 3

Today we faced another long workday at the church. The most encouraging aspect of the day was the hundreds and hundreds of people who came together to help prepare the church for inevitable flooding. Many of these people were from the community and other churches throughout town. It was a great picture of the body of Christ pulling together to help one another out. We are so thankful for all of those who have given so much to help prepare us for the impending disaster.

We expect the emergency spillway at the Coralville reservoir to be breached within the hour (around midnight). At that point the floodwaters will no longer be controlled. Tonight’s news broadcast called this the 500-year flood. We are bracing for the worst and will continue to raise our sand barrier tomorrow while also moving our offices to an alternative location (starting at 9 AM tomorrow). Services will now be located at the West High auditorium for the foreseeable future. Any way you look at it, this flooding will result in months of displacement. Below are a few pictures from the day.


Vitamin Z said...


That is wack jack. Sorry for the trouble. I remember when we built that building they were saying that the water would never get that high to harm the new addition. Wow. Has it been raining like everyday?


Jen Essington said...

Any news on what the scoop is for choir for Wed night?

This is craziness! But so awesome that everyone can pull cool.

Lianne said...

Scott! Iowa City is under water! I can't believe it. Those pictures are amazing. Wow. I hope you are all doing okay (tired, I'm sure - those sandbags look heavy). I'll be praying for you! -Lianne

Scott Sterner said...

It hasn't rained every day, but it's been close. True craziness!

Lianne, good to hear from you. We're tired but doing well. God is good!