Saturday, June 21, 2008


This post contains important information for Parkview, community, and visiting volunteers who would like to participate in flood clean up efforts over the next weeks and months.


We will be beginning initial clean up efforts tomorrow Sunday, June 21st from noon to 8:00 pm. This work schedule of noon to 8:00 pm will continue every day from Sunday until Parkview’s organized relief efforts are discontinued (or until an amended schedule is released). Every work shift will have an appointed leader who will be overseeing that shifts clean up focus. If you show up during a shift to work, ask anyone working for who is “in charge” and they will direct you to that shifts work coordinator.


Flood clean up is dangerous and dirty work. Because of this, children will NOT be allowed to participate or be allowed on the premises. We also ask those who have health conditions prohibiting them from physically strenuous activities to abstain from participation in the labor intensive aspects of clean up. We recommend that anyone desiring to help be updated in his or her Tetanus vaccination and that all workers wear eye protection, gloves, a mask, and appropriate clothing for demolition of material such as carpets and drywall.

Throughout the daily work shift we will be providing water and food for the workers. We will also be providing some kind of meal during the supper hours. If you are unable to help with the physical labor, help with food preparation and serving is needed. To get involved in this way, please contact the church office at 319-354-5580.


Parkview’s missional goal is to love God, love others and serve the world; consequently, it is our desire to do all we can to restore our facility while also helping others in our community whose homes were damaged by flooding. This means that throughout our clean up efforts we will be mobilizing teams going to local neighborhoods to assist the community-wide clean up efforts.


If you are an outside church group interested in bringing teams to help in the effort, please email me at with specifics regarding how and when you would like to participate.

If you are a Parkview attender, we will need help housing volunteers coming into our area, so please let the church office know how many you would be willing to host.

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