Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Iowa River Flood Update 10: A New Home

The church staff is busily working at getting our new office space up and running at 1040 William Street in southeast Iowa City. The ability to use this space in the upcoming months has been a great provision from the Lord. When it’s all said and done our staff will be working on three different floors. Thanks goes to Jim Douglass and Phil Gugliuzza who are feverishly working to get our network and internet access online. Emails are starting to come through (be it sluggishly), but there is a chance emails from the last 5-6 days may be lost forever. Only time will tell on that. If you sent any staff members an email over that time period, please feel free to resend in order to ensure a response.

Here is my new office with an x-ray film panel that provides mood lighting for this doctor's office turned pastor's office.

Here's what you see when you enter the front office door.

This is the front of the building. To get to our main office section go into the center doors and take the first left. Family Ministry staff is upstairs and College Ministry staff and a few of the Worship and Arts crew are in the basement.

Please be sure to check our website for regular updates from numerous media outlets regarding the flooding. I had a meeting today with several evangelical pastors where we met with Iowa City’s City Manager Michael Lombardo. The time was informative and helped us to get a better idea of how we can help our community in the upcoming weeks and months with all the various needs including helping those who are homeless due to flooding and how to help mobilize the massive clean-up efforts that will begin in upcoming weeks and months. More on that in future posts.


Anonymous said...

Nice digs. And you should all stay good and healthy now being in a doctor's office and around all those other medical professionals!

BTW - This should Update 10, not 9, right?

- JC

Scott Sterner said...


There is only one MD left in the building, but he may come in handy!

Thanks for catching the update numerical error. It has been updated.

You are so good with the details!!!