Monday, October 05, 2009

Driscoll on Nightline

I just got done watching Mark Driscoll, Lead Pastor of Mars Hill Church and President of the Acts 29 Network, featured in the 10 Commandments series on ABC’s Nightline. I’ve got to say that he and ABC did a fantastic job covering the issue of idols in our culture. Without a doubt idolatry is a central issue in the scriptures. To whom does our allegiance lie? Celebrities or our creator? Self or Jesus?

Here’s some info on tonight's feature segment. When the full video comes available, I’ll be sure to post it. Thanks goes to ABC for doing a great job keeping the story the story!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,
I didn't get to see "Driscoll on Nightline" but am interestng in seeing it. One word you used in your comment on what you heard was the word Allegiance. One idol that I see American esteem is "our allegiance to the American flag". My allegiance as a Christian is to God first and foremost and not the flag. I want to respect what the flag stands for...our freedom but the word allegiance means: "the loyalty of citizens to their government or of subjects to the sovereign. Also loyalty or devotion to some person, group, cause, or the like."It bothers when we as people say "we pledge allegianc to the flag of the United States of America..... We hod the flag in a position higher than God. Yes, we need to be thankful to God for allowing us to be truly blessed but in this day and age with what I see going on we have become more concerned about showing allegiance to whatever suits our fancy. The idols we esteem are things that will pass away. My prayer is that we as a nation will turn our allegiance to God alone. That He would draw people to Himself so that He would get the allegiance He deserves because of His grace and mercy.

Escondido Lady