Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Parkview Progress

In the last few days most all flooring, fixtures, furniture, interior doors and about ¾ of the drywall and insulation have been removed throughout the facility. We do still have plenty of work leading us into the weekend, so help is still needed every day from noon to 8 pm.

Here are many of the tasks that still remain this week….

  • Finishing removing drywall and insulation in the south wing: Most of this can be done by hand, but in some cases would benefit from a hammer and flat bar.
  • Removing the gymnasium flooring: This will require sharp utility knives to cut the flooring. It is my understanding that this job may also require something along the lines of a large putty knife to separate the flooring adhesive from the concrete.
  • Removing the masonite flooring on the stage gym floor: This will require a flat bar, hammer, and pliers. As the flooring is lifted, it will leave staples about ever 4 inches which will either need to be pulled with a plier or submerged into the floor with a hammer.
  • Remove screws from the wall studs: This will require hand drills with a Phillips head and may require a step stool for those of you who are more vertically challenged.

A wheel barrel will also be needed for most of these tasks. If you don’t have one, don’t worry because there are several already located on site. There are several additional tasks to be done, but the previously listed were what was identified in my walk through with Steve Kohli yesterday late afternoon.

We are still planning on having a major workday on Saturday that will be much more community oriented as we branch out and help our surrounding neighborhoods. I am still working to identify what those tasks may be. I will be posting no later than Friday morning with a list of supplies needed for that work day.

If anyone takes pictures of the progress, be sure to pass them on.

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john wasson said...

Thanks for keeping us informed, Scott. We're praying for you here. Stay strong in His work for His kingdom.