Friday, June 27, 2008

Saturday Cleanup Information


Tomorrow at 8:30 am people will be assembling at Parkview’s picnic shelter to receive instructions for the community clean-up day. We will have crews working in and outside the church as well as in the neighborhoods affected by flooding. The shelter will be stocked with snack food and drink throughout the day and a supper will be provided at the end of the workday. In order to simplify preparations and accommodate the fact that teams will be distributed throughout the city, we ask that you bring a sack lunch for your noon hour meal.


The projects range from washing windows to demolition to helping people move out of their homes. Some of the projects are planned in advance, while others will be somewhat fluid (no pun intended) based upon the needs that come up.


Please bring clothing that can get dirty and protect you since much of the work will be demolition. Safety glasses, dust masks (N95 or better), and work gloves will be needed. In some of the situations (particularly in the neighborhoods) rubber boots may also be helpful.


The following is a list of items that would be helpful for some or all of you to bring:

  • Garage booms and large dustpans
  • Industrial quality shop vacs (need 4-5)
  • Cordless drills to remove stud screws and fixtures
  • Hammers, flat bars, crow bars for demolition
  • Plumbing equipment (pipe wrench, pipe cutter, etc…)
  • Wheel barrels
  • Portable generators (need 2-4)
  • Extension cables
  • Utility knives (for drywall clean-up)
  • Saws-all cutters for demolition
  • Power washers (may need a few)
  • Floor scrapers

We already have a lot of heavy work equipment on the scene (dump trucks, loaders, fork lifts, etc…) so no additional equipment of this nature will be needed.

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