Saturday, June 07, 2008

Flood Waters Rising

Our parking lot is slowly disappearing as the Iowa River waters rise. Right now around 1/5 of our lot is underwater with the Coralville Reservoir continuing to open up the spillway more and more each day. Below is a projection of the lakes depth increase which will eventually result in the emergency spillway overflowing.

We are not overly concerned about our facility flooding, but access to our facility is getting more challenged by the closing of Dubuque street and our parking could be easily cut by half if not more.

Next weekend we are planning on adding services with the hopes of distributing the population and hopefully reducing the parking problems that are sure to occur. The following are the times we'll be having services. In the mean time, pray that, Lord willing, we won't have much more rain. Depending on rain amounts we could surpass the flood levels experienced in 1993.


  • 4:30
  • 8:00 (+ Chapel Venue)
  • 9:30 (+ Chapel Venue)
  • 11:00
Please be sure to attend at 4:30 on Saturday or 8:00 on Sunday to help prevent parking problems.

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