Sunday, September 28, 2008

Clear Play DVD

My friend John passed on a link to this new technology from Family Christian Stores. Its called Clear Play DVD. This technology allows you to watch any movie you want with all the explicit scenes, derogatory language, and excessive violent cut right out of the movie.

In short, it requires you to buy a special DVD player with a special memory stick. You go to the movie store and rent any movie you want. From your computer, you download the current movie filters onto your memory stick. You inset the stick in your DVD player and then insert the DVD. It then allows you to select "clear play" in order to watch the edited version of the movie. It's that simple.

I know Hollywood considers this a violation of artistic standards, but as a parent I do get tired of rushing through scenes with the remote when watching a movie with my kids. Especially since most objectionable content often gets caught a hair too late. I'm not sure if we'll ever get one of these, but it sure is an interesting alternative for families who want to enjoy good films without feeling as though your letting unhealthy content in your home.

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James said...

We need to try it out on Goodfellas.