Monday, September 15, 2008

New Land On the Horizon

Since the floods of 2008, where over 4 feet of water from the Iowa River filled our facility, we’ve been investigating all options for future facility development. Recent analysis has shown that our “500 year flood” may be more accurately a “40 year flood”. In light of this, our future facility task force has been investigating every possible land parcel in the area for future facility development. The following was our criteria in the search:
  • A location close to a major road and accessible from many locations
  • Visibility
  • Buildable in the next 1-3 years rather than 5-10 years
  • The land needs to have many entrances to the parcel
  • At least 30 to 40 buildable acres
The exciting news that was released in a church-wide email today, is that an offer from Parkview has now been accepted for a 32.5 acre lot 2 miles north of the Coralville Mall. This offer is contingent upon congregational approval. Here is a segment of today’s email authored by one of our elders, Mark Mynsyk.
We have a signed purchase agreement for the land we feel God wants us to build His church on! (The purchase agreement is contingent on congregation approval.) The map of the 32.5 acres (labeled site #2) is attached. It is 2 miles north of the Coral Ridge Mall and straddles the Coralville/North Liberty boundary line. To get to the land, turn west onto Forevergreen Rd off of Hwy 965, and then turn left onto Jones Blvd. When you get to the end of the pavement you will be at the middle of the west side of the property. Leaders will be at the site each of the next 3 Sundays (Sept 21, 28, and Oct 5) from 2 to 4 pm to answer any questions. (Heavy construction is going on in the area, so it is best to avoid going during the week.)

We will hold forums on Sunday morning, Oct 19, during all 3 services. The specific location of the forums at West High will be announced at upcoming services. If, after hearing from the congregation, the leadership is still convinced God wants us to build there, we will vote on purchasing the land at the Nov 17 congregation meeting.
Here’s an image of the land:

Please be sure to attend the forums and speak to the elder if you have any questions or comments. Also, keep praying that God guide us as we look at these exciting plans for the future.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting! It looks like a great location! :D