Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Saturday Work Day

This Saturday, September 6th at 8:30 am we are going to be having a workday to do a number of jobs at the 15 Foster church facility, as well as a few jobs in the neighborhoods affected by flooding. Things will get started at 8:30 am and will continue till mid to later afternoon. If you are going to stay all day you will need to bring your own brown-bag lunch.

The jobs we’ll be doing are listed below with a supply list of things you can bring to help with the project.
  1. Paint preparation: need several 6-8’ ladders, sharp utility knives, putty knives, screw gun
  2. Ceiling tile installation: need several 8’ ladders, eye protection
  3. Cleaning and organizing: work gloves, brooms, dust pans, wheel barrows
  4. Carpentry teams for several projects: basic tools, tool belt, circular saw, screw gun
  5. Some general cleaning and misc work at a few homes
As the saying in goes, many hands make work light. It would be wonderful to have a big turnout so we can knock these jobs out completely in one day!

If you are bringing a team from out of town, be sure to let me know so we can plan on you (

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HoB said...

I wish that I didn't have to work all day... I'd SO be there with my painting stuff. :( Sad day...