Friday, September 05, 2008

No Pictures Today

In light of tomorrow's work day, I am going to abstain from throwing up some pictures until early next week after the "Celebration of Thanksgiving", which will take place Monday at 6:30 pm at the 15 Foster location. Read the previous post for more information on the work day and please be sure to join us on Monday. We'll have tours starting at 6 pm and some great pie to eat at 6:30 followed by a program. Also, be sure to bundle up. It might be in the 50's.


BeyondTheSea7 said...

I, for one, am glad you decided to refrain from throwing up. Can I get an Amen? ;-)


HoB said...

AMEN! :)

Do you want me to take pictures for ya Monday evening? Doing music of any kind??? If you need help... you know who to call. :)

Adam said...

Looks to be kinda wet, too. Is mud pie on the menu? :)