Thursday, September 11, 2008

Christless Christianity

This is a good video of Michael Horton interviewing R.C. Sproul. It is a bit academic, but it holds some jewels that represent a bit of a groundswell happening in many circles regarding the church. The concern not being the "fundy" stereotype that we need more hymns or altar calls or even Biblical preaching in our services. The concern is a lack of Gospel centeredness in our churches. This is more than an appeal asking people to raise their hands to a weekly invitation. It is a call to something much deeper. A call to a theological worldview that has been lost in many of today's churches. A call to resist moralism and embrace a Gospel message which is far more vast and rich than modern evangelicalism has embraced. A Gospel of the reformation. A Gospel that is completely contrary to our American worldview and thus very difficult for us to embrace or understand.

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