Thursday, September 25, 2008

See You At the Pole

Today my daughter and son participated in the CCA Middle School "See You At the Pole" prayer time. It is a smaller rural district so between that, and the lack of good promotion, it wasn't a large group that prayed. Despite this, I thought I would share this photo because I love seeing young people pray. It's seldom eloquent, seldom sophisticated, and seldom long; however, it does make my heart sing seeing young people learning to depend upon the Lord by tapping into the authority of God to move mountains through the prayers and faith of his people.

Do pardon the hokey looking clothes. It's more than a "Middle School" thing... today was pajama day!


Tina Marie said...

This picture is beautiful.
That little group shook the heavens, I'm sure.

Brenda Rae said...

Sorry I missed this - I would have been out there if I would have known. I am sure the posters looked awesome!