Thursday, September 11, 2008

Celebration of Thanksgiving

On Monday we had the opportunity as a church to gather and celebrate God's faithfulness as he guided us through the floods of 2008. I found it interesting how rich it was to gather and commemorate such a difficult journey. I mean, in many regards it seems odd to throw a party for such a purpose... that is until we understand the Christian worldview we all embrace.

Our gathering was not a remembrance of something lost. It was not a celebration of the triumph of the human spirit. No, it was a celebration of God manifest in the unity of people, a celebration of God's provision for our every need, and a celebration of His goodness revealed in the things that matter most. Our time on Monday evening was one of the best times of fellowship and laughter and worship that we've enjoyed as a church for a long long time. Below are a few pictures that captures some of the moments.

We all enjoyed pie from Kalona catering. Very good eats!

The kids had a great time in the atrium!

Everyone brought their own lawn chair. It was very comfortable! Why can't we do this every week?

Nate, our College Pastor lead us in some sandbag games.

Below was the "evacuation" portion of the game.

Here is one of the group picture shots taken by Lloyd Bender. Thanks for the pictures Lloyd!

This is from our time of singing. It was really boomy in the room with no acoustic treatment or flooring, but it made for some very sweet community worship time.

As a joke Jon Kinzenbaw had a couple of the old metal chairs painted in Kinze blue as a gift for Jeff. Of course, the joke was that all our old metal chairs were refurbished that way.

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Nancy Harney said...

I think some of us were getting "home sick" and needed some worship time there to get us through the next couple of months. I certainly loved being back in "my pew"!