Friday, September 26, 2008

Renovation Update Sept 26

The painting is close to done and carpet will be coming soon. The large main panel that feeds our electrical system is being installed today. Once this item is in place we’ll soon begin to feed electricity to our various sub panels and soon after, restore lighting. This will be very helpful in the final phases of construction.

The back and north side of the church has now been re-graded and re-seeded. Throughout the month of October we’ll be tackling the playground area.

Below are a few pictures from this morning.

This is some of the landscape work on the central island in the west parking area.

Our re-grading and re-seeding in the back of the facility.

The children's areas are starting to get some color.

A lone toilet installed on new flooring. Don't worry, privacy stalls are coming.

The lobby, shaping up.

The Worship Center is mostly painted. The face of the stage and technology booths will be getting new wood paneling.

New electrical panels are being installed.

The chapel lobby.

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Marnee said...

Great progress! Wow. I am getting excited.