Friday, October 03, 2008

Renovation Update October 3

It's time to clean!!!! We've reached the point where we need to converge on 15 Foster and get it clean! Carpet is going down and we are now in the phase of doing finish electrical and plumbing work. We'll be having a work morning this Saturday from 8:30-Noon. During this time we'll be:
  • Removing tape from the ceiling grid after painting
  • Placing ceiling tile
  • Cleaning out all the miscellaneous construction debris
  • Removing old carpet adhesive from the floors
  • Sweeping
If you can come and have a ladder, be sure to bring it. Brooms and dust pans would also be helpful! Here's some pictures from this week.

Here's the men's bathroom, ready for plumbing fixtures.

The atrium is just got its final coat of paint this morning.

Carpet is ready to go down in the Worship Center starting next week.

Electrical panels are still being worked on.

Lighting is now restored throughout the building.

Room 103 now carpeted.

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Looks good!