Friday, October 17, 2008

Renovation Update October 17

In case you're new to this blog, these renovation updates are part of a series, keeping people posted on Parkview's recovery from the floods of 2008 that left our facility 4 feet underwater.

The flooring crews have now worked their way through about one third of the north wing. Floors should be finished by next week. The electrical is getting close to converting over to full power. It is looking likely that services may be back in the facility on or around November 16th. You’ll be hearing more about that in the near future. In the mean time, here are some pictures from this morning.

This is the intern office area by the old kitchen.

The grass is coming in great.

Today we're beginning to hang a new JBL line array system that will now give us services in stereo. The speakers actually came a few weeks before the flood, so it will feel good to finally get this job done.

The doors are getting new hardware.

The lobby by the chapel is ready for carpet.

The nursery area is now carpeted.

Our preschool rooms will now be part vinyl / part carpet.

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