Friday, October 24, 2008

The First Load Returns

Sorry no pictures today. We've got a work morning tomorrow, so I'll try to grab some then. Here's an email that went out today to the congregation. I hope you can all come and help!

- - -

Parkview Family,

Here’s a little reminder that tomorrow (Saturday) morning we’ll be working at the church facility from 8:30-Noon. Our goal will be to unload 2 semis and a large trailer all filled with chairs, tables and several other items. Others will be working through the facility cleaning walls and washing windows including a few other miscellaneous projects. Please feel free to bring work gloves. We may benefit from a few extra carts/hand trucks, so if you have one handy, feel free to bring it along in case we need it.

See you in the morning!

Scott Sterner
Pastor of Programming and Operations

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