Friday, October 10, 2008

Renovation Update October 10

The electricians are continuing to work and are making progress slowly but surely. Last week I made the mistake of saying the entire building had lighting. To be more accurate, we are still on a temporary lighting set-up that has restored much of the lighting, but we are still not powered throughout the entire building. The flooring teams have made good progress this week and additional work is being done in numerous areas. We still need some people to oversee some various projects and some people to operate a floor scraper throughout the weekend in order to get the rest of the carpet residue removed from the floor on the north side. Please drop me an email if you are interested (caution, the floor machine does take some savvy to operate, so if you are not good with tools it might not be the best fit). The following are some pictures from this morning.

Corwin Gingrich from Gingrich Well Service arranged to have a drainage system installed in the playground that will help our mulch area drain after every rain.

New ceiling tile work is getting done in our nursery area.

Jesse is preparing the floor for a special surface that will cover our main entryway.

Jim putting up a decorative surround on the entryway landscaping.

The Worship Center will be done with carpeting by the end of the day today.

The southwest hallway.

Room 107.

Looking east to the lobby.

The atrium.

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