Friday, July 18, 2008

Saturday Work List

Though tomorrow is not an official church-wide work day, numerous teams from the region will be coming in to work tomorrow from 8:30-5:00 pm. Please bring a brown-bag lunch. The following is a list of the projects we'll be addressing tomorrow (Saturday) morning:

  • Cut out electrical conduits on North (Chapel) side marked by contractor. (saws all metal blade)
  • Clean ceramic floors in bathrooms and atrium. (power washer)
  • Clean the hillside on North (Foster Road ) of debris. (wheel barrows / trash bags)
  • Remove AC Vent tubes from exterior doorways / replace doors. (basic tools, screwdrivers, etc.)
  • Chapel, remove audio/low voltage conduit. Electrical to remain. (wrenches)
  • Place all porcelain fixtures in atrium from driveway.
  • All debris piles with the exception of scrap metal to be placed in dumpster for disposal.
  • Remove remaining ceramic floor from main entryway except for rows on North and South edges. (floor scrapers, other)

We also may be helping with sandbag removal in the Normandy area and helping some other neighbors with basic clean-out. As always, dress for hard work and have protective gear such as work gloves.

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