Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Success

This is my last post until next Friday, as I am starting a well-needed vacation with my family. I just received word from Dean Clermont that things went very well in today’s workday at Parkview. Below I will post some of his comments as well as a few pictures Phil Gugliuzza took on Friday afternoon. Thanks to ALL of you who made today a success! From Dean Clermont’s unwavering leadership to outside crews like those from the E-Free Church in Willmar, Minnesota; we have been so blessed!

- - -

Report from Dean Clermont, our chairman of the deacons…

What and awesome day. We completed all but two items on our punch list for today… The crew from Willmar, MN were awesome. They had most items done from our punch list before we even started today.

  • Window cleaning – done
  • Power washing the brick exterior – done
  • Treads from chapel – done
  • Baptistry cleaning – done
  • VBS prop removal – done
  • Marked electrical conduits/removal – done
  • Chapel and sanctuary sound booth framing – done
  • Stairs to sanctuary stage – done
  • Remaining sheetrock trim work – done
  • Playground equipment washing – done
  • Sand boxes dug out – done
  • Sand box refill – NOT DONE – Too wet
  • Linoleum floor in old kitchen removal – done
  • Vacuuming of metal stud spaces – done
  • Floors under chapel and sanctuary cleaning – done
  • Bathroom and atrium floors washed – done – needs second going over
  • Grading work – NOT DONE – very muddy – Too wet
  • DOA shrub/tree removal – done

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