Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's Quiz Time

In my hand, I am holding one of the following three items.
  1. Seeds
  2. Coco Puffs
  3. Gall Stones
And the answer is… number three. Yesterday around 2 pm I started having a stomachache that gradually increased in pain and seemed to localize at the bottom of my right rib. About 2:30 am this morning, the pain was such that I went to the ER. By 9:00 am this morning I was in surgery having my Gall Bladder removed, which contained these two stones about 15 mm in diameter. Recovery is going well, but will keep me from lifting things for a while.

As a result of my surgery, I will be a bit delayed in communicating information regarding renovation progress and recovery plans. In the midst of this unexpected event I am praising the Lord, for His timing is perfect. Thankfully, I was not scheduled to lead worship and will have the margin in upcoming weeks to take the necessary time to recover. Thanks goes to Nile and the music and tech teams who did such an excellent job in this morning’s services. It’s such a joy knowing that I have the privilege of working with such excellent and committed people, and that things will never miss a beat in my absence. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!


Jim Coates said...

Get well soon, Scott!!

Let me know if you need help with anything - I'm just a phone call away!


George & Julie said...

Sorry to hear about the gallstones, Scott. Hope you're feeling better...prayin' for ya!

Anonymous said...

Dude - you're too much! (Glad we checked our reader tonight!) You guys just can't stay out of the ER, can you? Man, what a drag - good to hear you're OK!

If you or Carrie need anything at all, please don't hesitate to post on your . . . I mean CALL US OK? *grin*

How long are you in the hospital? When can you go back to work?

Heal up SLOW OK? - sounds like God wants you resting a bit after these past crazy weeks!

We'll be in touch,

- John & Chris

Jenna said...

So glad you're okay, Scott! Get well soon :)

Don K said...

Praying for your recovery. Sometimes God has ways to insist that you rest.
If you or the family need anything...don't hesitate


harpstef said...

I think those are seeds not stones--You are such a blessing to others you are just fruitful!!!! Praying for the quickest recovery ever!!

Tina Marie said...

Man...I thought for sure those were Cocoa Puffs...really old ones, but puffs none the less. Then I saw the unmistakable print of the hospital gown.

Take time to rest and be still.

Kristen said...

I'm not gonna lie! Those things look pretty gross! I'm just glad you're ok. You know you can call on me for anything. It's not like I live around the corner from you or anything. :) Please let me know if I can bring food over or take care of the kids or whatever. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

I think those are actually particles of petrified river water inhaled during all the activity around the flooding. Probably when you guys went swimming through the church that one day with the camera crew! *grin*

Anonymous said...

Shailee's take . . .

"Mr. Sterner must have been eating Cocoa Puffs and they went in the wrong place!"

Scott Sterner said...

Hey All, Thanks for the encouragements and creative suggestions regarding the origin and nature of the stones. It is truly an odd thing seeing how stones like this are slowly formed within the body.

I'm just glad to have them out and thankful that the surgery could be done laparoscopically. This will make for a much quicker recovery!

C-Dub said...

Dude...that is ROUGH! Sorry to hear about that. Hope you start feeling better right away bro. Gall bladder...and to think that organ is in your body after millions and millions of years of a "godless" evolution! Ain't that swell...heal up my great white brother! Will be in prayer for ya! GO HAWKS!

Rachel B said...

OUCH! We hope you are doing better. It was good to see you (at least briefly) on Friday!

Anonymous said...

I still think they look like dried up peas. Have you considered planting them, just to see what comes up? Could be interesting. :)
Praying for you. Lori M