Saturday, July 19, 2008


This last week has been a busy week at 15 Foster Road. The electricians worked most of the week beginning the long process of pulling new wires, replacing panels, etc.. The south side of the facility may actually be ready for drywall crews as early as a week from Monday.

Today we had teams from Iowa and Illinois working both on site and in the Normandy neighborhood. We are so thankful for all the people coming from all over the nation to help. The following is a punch list from Dean Clermont regarding today's work progress. Below the list are some pictures taken this evening.

  • Linoleum Floor in Office/Chapel Area removed - done
  • Electrical and audio conduits in chapel and North section – done
  • Sweep and vacuum under main stage and chapel – done
  • Tile floors in atrium and bathrooms washed again – done
  • Exterior AC/Vent tubes removed and doors replaced – done
  • Underground conduits in foyer and chapel cleaned/drained – done
  • Dumpsters filled to capacity with debris from building/driveway – done
  • Two South Sandbag mounds removed & disposed – done
  • Porcelain fixtures moved from driveway to inside building – done
  • Reopen main/east entrance from Foster Road & gated Western drives - done

Our chapel stage completely open and ready for some new wiring.

A new chapel tech booth.

There's actually some nice tile under there.

Evidence in the kitchen that the electricians are in the house.

Atrium tile.

Our playground... all toys completely sanitized with new mulch.

A little reminder of why we do what we do.


Vitamin Z said...


Thanks for these pics. Encouraging to see progress.

See you in a few hours!


John Carlson said...

Hey - that was a cross I gave out as little gifts one day! Well, glad to see something of mine survived there!