Thursday, July 10, 2008

Future Plans at Parkview

The following is a quick update that reflects and clarifies information shared in recent services. Since the flood, two teams have been formed to see through our renovation process and manage our over all facility vision for the future.

The Renovation Management Team has been coordinating church and neighborhood clean up projects and recently approved construction bids for the 15 Foster renovation. Mark Mysnyk, our chairman of the elders, will be releasing specific financial information about the renovation in the near future. Total renovation costs will surpass insurance coverage and will therefore require congregational approval.

The Facility Task Force has been giving overall leadership in assessing our present facility situation and developing an overall vision for the future. This involves investigating future facility expansion at alternative sites. As options formulate, we will be planning meetings where congregation members can ask questions and provide feedback regarding future plans.

Once the overall vision is settled, the Building Committee will resume its former role of working with architects to develop and implement a master plan.

There are countless decisions to be made in the future, so your prayers and input are needed. Please don’t hesitate to pull aside an Elder and share your thoughts. As previously noted, meetings will be scheduled in the near future to allow Q&A at a larger scale. Until then, I will do my best to provide weekly updates here on the blog.

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