Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Church Speaks

On July 20th the church leadership hosted a forum with the general congregation to discuss upcoming plans for flood recovery and church expansion. Due to my departure for a seminary residency, I was unable to stay for the meeting, but wanted to share some general results from the vote that took place. Of the 191 surveyed, 166 supported the idea of us fixing the present site and expanding to another site, 11 supported the idea of fixing the present site and not expanding to another site, 13 supported the idea that we should sell our present facility (without fixing) and proceed immediately to a new site and 1 voter abstained.

The majority of the congregation directly reflected the leadership councils desire to renovate our present location and pursue off site facility expansion options for the future. There are a myriad of options before us so please join me in praying that the Lord would give vision and discernment as we continue to explore His plans for Parkview in the future.

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