Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rebelution Modesty Survey

On the right column of my blog you may have noticed an advertisement that links to a modesty survey being conducted by the people at rebelution.com. The rebelution team has been compiling questions from about 200 women regarding what kinds of dress most cause men to stumble (i.e. struggle with lustful thoughts). They have now opened up the survey and are asking guys to register and take the survey. Though it is not a "scientific" survey, they are looking forward to using the results as a good way to discern how a woman's dress can at times be inappropriately provocative.

Sometimes this kind of thing can appear to be an added scourge to Christian women who are already feeling a lot of pressure about how they look, etc... I don't mean to add to that pressure by promoting something like this. I simply feel it is good to be educated about where the line should be in regard to provocative dress. I am also well aware that some guys who really struggle with lust are more the problem than the women around them. Certainly, no one is calling for women to start dressing in burlap sacks or Muslim burkas. I believe the important point is that we need to do all we can to help one another succeed in being pure in thought and deed. Modest dress is important, but only one part of the equation.

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