Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pray for Central Nebraska

Saturday morning an ice storm hit central Nebraska that left a majority of certain regions without power due to downed power lines and snapped power line poles. Of the five families Carrie and I are directly related to in the area, only one has had power since the storm hit. A few are running generators to attempt to keep their homes warm. Those who have generators are hosting additional family members and neighbors who are there also attempting to stay warm. My mother-in-law is working every day at a bank that only has enough power to keep the calculators running, so the employees are working in winter coats and covering their legs with blankets. Rural areas may still be 1-2 weeks out from restored power and there are some who have chosen to not take advantage of Red Cross shelters in order to stay home with pets not allowed in the shelters.

Fortunately, there are many organizations there trying to help people through this crisis and the outdoor temperatures have been high enough to keep those staying in homes from experiencing below freezing temperatures. Please pray that God would preserve the lives of those suffering from this crisis and that he would help those working to restore power to work efficiently and effectively. Also pray that temperatures would stay high enough to prevent pipes from rupturing within the homes. As you can imagine, the wide spread rupturing of pipes could generate additional ongoing crisis. Thanks for your prayers!

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