Friday, January 12, 2007

The Amazing iPhone

Just a month ago I got my RazrV3 Motorola phone and a new plan with Verizon. I would have held off had I known the new iPhone from Mac was coming out (of course I probably couldn't afford it anyway). At least I'll have something to think about while I cry myself to sleep tonight.

You can get the complete specs and promo information on this tasty new piece of technology here.


John Carlson said...

I wouldn't cry about it. I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a 1st generation build not to mention 1st generation technology. Wait two years when your contract is up, and by then you can get the much thinner plolymar skin iPhone installed into the iPort iSurgically grafted onto your forearm just above your wrist by the iSurgeons at Apple.

- John

Eli said...

They taking over the world! Contracts with Nike, cell phones, the market on MP3 players; as soon as they team up with Google we're all doomed.

scooterpastor said...

I know guys. Apple is absolutely nuts!!!!!!!!!! I spent a few minutes watching Steve Jobs speech to the Mac employees about the new stuff Mac is doing and has done.

The "apple TV" looks very sweet. When are you getting yours for your high def TV John?

First Theology said...

Here's an interesting article I just read that explains why the iPhone won't take off... link. Thoughts?