Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Firefox Sage Reader

For those of you who are taking advantage of the “blogging” universe, you should consider the Sage reader add-on to the Firefox web browser. I have been an avid user of the “Google Reader” but have been really enjoying the advantages that come with the Sage reader. I first heard about the reader through a post on Rich Kirkpatrick’s weblog.

So what is the Sage reader? Well, in laymen terms it adds a function to your Firefox web browser that allows you to read all your blogs in one place at the push of a button. The biggest advantage to this add-on is speed and convenience. Since posts are sync’d right into your browser you can access and update them while doing numerous other things.

This is one of the amazing strengths of the Firefox browser. You can customize it however you want. I’ve got the weather temps, itunes controls, and blog posting software all in sight and one click away when I am on the web. You can link to Firefox here and the Sage reader add-on here.

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