Monday, January 22, 2007

Mighty To Save Drumming Video

We just learned the song "Mighty to Save" this weekend in services. The Jimmy "The Snake Handler" Coates found this instructional drumming video on the song on youtube. It appears to be from a Hillsongs teaching video. If you're not a drummer this may not interest you, but if any of you who read this do music in your own churches, it might be a helpful resource.


John Carlson said...

Yes! New with every Hillsongs Sermon/Teaching DVD you get - a free drum lesson!

Can we get one of them cool little popcorn snare drums off to the side?

- J

Jim C said...

Jimmy "The Snake Handler" Coates?

Wow... is there a story behind that name? Inquiring minds want to know!! Maybe you are suggesting that working with you and John is similar to being cast into a pit of vipers!? hehe