Thursday, May 25, 2006

Welcome to Red Mountain

Thanks to Mr. Nielsen I have another recommendation for those of you who love the idea of marrying revived hymn texts with new music. In the spirit of the Indelible Grace ministry, Red Mountain Church in Birmingham, Alabama has released numerous hymn projects with new music based on old texts. Like my recent review of Sara McCracken’s new CD, this music is heavily acoustic and at times captures the country sound you’d expect to hear from Alabama. The musicianship and quality of the recording on the album I previewed is great. Of course, it is fun hearing these old theologically and poetically rich texts sung with youthful passion and vibrancy. If you’d like to check out some sound samples, you can simply click here.

In closing, I find this trend so fascinating. Postmodern churches seem to be grasping for an identity with the past. It leaves those of us who love the idea of rich meaningful texts somewhat excited about this new trend; however, as one of my associates pointed out, singing these songs in church still won’t win you any “hymn” brownie points. Despite this reality, it will be interesting to see if this new surge of music will seep its way into a more prominent place within mainstream evangelical churches.

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