Wednesday, May 17, 2006

United 93

I just saw the movie “United 93” and wanted to comment briefly on it. First of all, it is a very well made movie that appeared to very carefully avoid bringing any political bias to the story (which we all know rarely happens in the movie industry). It was intense, painful, and emotional reliving those days again in such an intimate way. Outside of the value of remembering (in a memorial sense) all those who died that day, it was good to experience the courage of some who chose to stand up against the terrorists. There was almost a feeling of wanting to applaud in the theater when the men on flight 93 rose up to beat down the terrorists who held them captive. Of course, there was little hope that the plane would land safely, but the passengers on the plane knew that to not try to take control of the plane would be to passively accept their deaths (and the deaths of those the plane would hit) at the hands of fanatics.

All in all it is a movie worth seeing. Though it is probably too disturbing for some to endure, for others it will be an inspirational experience worth having. As a believer in Christ it encourages me to stand up and give my life for the cause of truth; knowing that my ministry, family, and future rest in the sovereign hand of God.

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