Sunday, May 21, 2006

Summer Teaching Series

Here’s a little preview of what’s coming this summer at Parkview. Our summer series will start June 10th and run through July 30th. The title is “GPS: God’s Plan for Success – The Wisdom of Proverbs.” Proverbs is a wisdom/poetic book in the Bible that was written by Solomon (and other sages of the day) as instructional material for young men (princes) to teach them how to succeed in life as they grew into adulthood. Here are the messages in the series:
  • Fear the Lord
  • Listen to Parents and Welcome Rebuke
  • Think Before You Follow
  • Trust in the Lord
  • Guard Your Heart
  • Intoxicating Love
  • Be Careful and Faithful
  • Avoid Temptation
I look forward to joining you for a wonderful summer of some practical instruction for successful living!

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