Monday, May 22, 2006

The Builder and the Architect

A long time ago I told you all I would post a review from some of the music I purchased from Indelible Grace music. Well, here is a brief review about Sandra McCracken’s CD, The Builder and the Architect. To start, you should be aware that Indelible Grace’s mission is to revive old hymn texts by setting them to new music.

McCracken’s CD is very good. Her voice is very similar to Sara Groves who you may have heard on Christian radio on occasion. The style of McCracken’s album could be best described as folk/acoustic with very little use of the trap set. Most of the songs are very acoustic guitar driven most often with accordion, some electric guitar, percussion, and even banjo. A few of the songs are a little too country sounding for my taste, and the overall style is so similar, that I am not sure I could listen to this CD over and over again for a long period of time without it getting old.

All this to say that there is just something nice about hearing such meaty lyrics put to new melodies. I am not sure if this is because I like the feeling of being connected to something ancient or because it is refreshing hearing lyrics other than “I stand in awe at the power of your love….” etc…. Of course, the lyrical content gives one the ability to worship God with both my mind and spirit, which is great.

In closing, I recommend the album, especially if you enjoy the unplugged sound of acoustic/folk music. Sandra voice is very nice with an authentic "gravel" sound that fits great with the style. It is also very edifying hearing these old hymn settings set to relevant melodies.

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