Monday, May 01, 2006

Cheezy Music Humor

If you have studied classical music much, you might get a kick out of the variations on these classical musical terms. If not, this will just be an "I don't get it moment" and you can move on to something more interesting to read than my blog.

Adagio formaggio: To play in a slow and cheesy manner.
Angus Dei: A divine, beefy tone.
Antiphonal: Referring to the prohibition of cell phones in the sanctuary.
A patella: Unaccompanied knee-slapping.
Appologgiatura: An ornament you regret after playing it.
Approximatura: A series of notes played by a performer and not intended by the composer, especially when disguised with an air of "I meant to do that."
Approximento: A musical entrance that is somewhat close to the correct pitch.
Brake drum: The instrument most used to slow the tempo in an orchestra.
Choral conductor: a musician who is particularly adept at following a large group of singers.
D.C. al capone: You betta go back to the beginning, capiche?
Dill piccolo: A wind instrument that plays only sour notes.
Diminuendo: The process of quieting a rumor in the orchestra pit.
Eardrum: A teeny, tiny tympani.
Fer mantra: A note that is held over and over and over and...
Fiddler crabs: Grumpy string players.

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