Monday, May 08, 2006

Personal Update

I had a friend in college whose room always got messy when he was depressed or too busy. All I’d have to do to know how he was doing was to look at the condition of his room. Well, for me, all you have to do is look at my blog. It has been a very busy season so my entries have been a bit thin of late.

The weekend before last I had the awesome opportunity to officiate the wedding ceremony for some dear friends in Des Moines. What a joy it was to marry two people whose entire lives will be devoted to God in ministry.

This week I am working hard to fight a zoning proposal for the 10-acre plot behind our house. The developer has been unbelievable in his unethical behavior. I truly feel like this situation has become more than just fighting poor zoning. It has become an opportunity to take a stand against corruption in our community. I pray that all the relationships I have been building within this community will give me the opportunity to have a platform for the gospel in these people’s lives.

This leads me to Saturday, May 20th. On that day I will have the awesome opportunity to officiate a wedding for my co-worker and friend Dan Van Oss. He and his bride-to-be Nancy (also a dear friend of ours) had their first date at our house about two years ago. It will be fun helping these two step into a new level of relationship and commitment to one another.

In the very near future I will be posting a vocal schedule for the summer ministry season! Until then, join me in depending on the Lord to continue to trust and grow in the weeks to come!

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HI Scott,
It was fun to see your name on Chris's blog..or as we call him Uncle Bay.
I moved to Seattle about two years ago from Dallas, Chelle's husband, Jason is from the NW and they had been living in Dallas by me for about six years..and he wanted to go back.
I love it here! Chelle is the circullum coordinator at Mosaic church, and I teach at a small Christian University..> Morthwest ..
We attended a mega church in Dallas Fellowship-Ed Young...I bet you have heard of him!
Mindy is an actor..she just moved from NYC to that is exciting..
Life is good...Love, Linda

Tom said...

My room is in good shape now. Thanks.