Monday, May 29, 2006

Camping Sterner Style

I hope you are all having a meaningful Memorial weekend. I just completed an overnighter in the tent with three of my five children. Fortunately, our back yard comes complete with woods and a fire pit, so the camping experience was quite authentic. An extension chord with oscillating fan and CD player also made the experience more pleasant. All this to say, it was good to have some dedicated family adventure time this weekend.

This Wednesday my family and I are departing to Nebraska for a 7-8 day trip to visit our families. The kids are anxious to see cousins and it should be a nice change of pace from the normal routine. While on the road, the blog entries may be a bit thin, but I will update when I can.

Until then, I hope you all have a restful weekend with a BBQ or two and, if like me, maybe even a few senior graduation receptions to attend. God bless!


jenna said...

haha! that's how the lassen girls used to camp, as well. i remember setting up the tent in the backyard, complete with thick orange extension cords wiring our 'intercom' to the house so we could call to dad to come rescue us in the middle of the night. :)

C-Dub said...

Scott...have a GREAT time on your vacation back to good ol' NEBRASKA! Give your parents our best and did you ever connect with Hueser about him wanting to buy a guitar?! Maybe he'll be the next Chris Tomlin @ E-Free...wouldn't that be a sight to see!!! :) Can't wait for you and Carrie to come out east later this summer.