Friday, April 07, 2006


Last night I spent about four hours on this site looking through video options for an opening Easter service video. I’ll probably spend another four hours this weekend sorting out images and clips for some other elements in the service. All this to say that if any of you reading this are music, arts, or media directors (or volunteers) in your church, this is a service you’ve got to take advantage of. Most “professional” video sites charge in the neighborhood of $50-$150 for an individual clip. The motion videos on Worship House are around $6-$10 a clip. Granted the downloadable mpeg format is a little grainy, but you can get the DVD for just as good a price. The greatest thing about Worship House Media is that you can access thousands of clips, preview them for content and quality, and download them on the spot.

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jboats said...

The one titled "What is Easter?" is amazing.