Monday, April 24, 2006

Building Update

On Thursday the building committee met with BCDM, our project architect, to discuss the next step for schematic design. As you may be aware, the building campaign did not position us to build the new auditorium immediately. Despite this realty, we are working to position our self so that we will be in a prime position to, as easily as possible, add the auditorium at a later date (including possibly finishing construction of the rotunda, and finishing the phase one excavation and storm drainage work under the auditorium location). We are considering using the auditorium location for temporary parking to alleviate the immediate pressures that will be caused by the addition of future venues.

As the previous sentence eludes, the Worship Arts ministry is not going to sit on its hands regarding growth. As most churches around the nation, we are working to find ways to “grow without growing.” We are presently in the thick of developing next step strategies to make this happen (by God’s grace of course). I’ll be keeping you all posted as new developments happen! To God be the glory!

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