Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's So Worth All the Work!

Thanks to all of you for helping make Easter 06 at Parkview one of the more enjoyable ministry experiences I have had in my seven years at Parkview. It has been a difficult last year with increased ministry demands and a lot of staffing changes. I suppose this reality makes it all the sweeter to experience everyone pulling together and giving their best to honor God in such an excellent way.

An “unchurched” friend, who attended one of the services with my wife Carrie, said that she really enjoyed the music. She commented that it was so much better than the music she experienced the few times she attended church as a child. Of course, because she is not a follower of Christ, she couldn’t “worship” Him as we do; however, our conversation with her confirmed to us that, in your spirit of worship and commitment to excellence, she saw something that was attractive to her... something that “redefined” for her what it is that church and God can mean in her life. She was also intrigued by the "Da Vinci" series and quoted several lines from the message during our meal. I am hopeful all of these realities will give her an easy next step in her spiritual journey.

Though I don’t know if she will return to Parkview in the near future, I do know that God may use continued prayers, the work of the Holy Spirit, and my family’s continuing investment in the relationship to water, cultivate, and possibly one day harvest the seed that was planted this Easter at Parkview.

It is this reality that makes it worth working so hard to skillfully and relevantly worship our God in spirit and truth. Thanks for helping make this happen with your commitment to God’s vision being fulfilled through the ministry of Parkview Church!

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