Thursday, April 27, 2006

Going to the Wedding Chapel

One of the greatest privileges I have enjoyed over the last seven years at Parkview is the opportunity to officiate weddings. The beauty of not being the “Adult Ministry Pastor” is that most of those who request that I “marry” them have either served beside me in ministry or have been personal friends.

This weekend will be one of those special opportunities as our dear friend Steph will marry a Godly man Steve. They are both living in Dallas while he finishes his degree at Dallas Theological Seminary. Many of you may recognize Steph as a former UI student and ministry leader both in the 24-7 and High School ministry at Parkview. She met Steve as she was completing her Masters at DTS.

Since the wedding is in Des Moines, I will not be leading worship at Parkview. Thanks to Greg, the services will be in more than capable hands.

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