Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Some updates...

1. The Visual Arts team showed up in force on Sunday night to install our Easter set. With a projector re-mount, we should have a very engaging visual presentation.

2. Julie and the crew preparing for our Good Friday experience have been working feaverishly. I think it is going to be a really engaging experience for all who attend. I really look forward to walking my children through and teaching them about the road to the cross.

3. Wow, we just had a great rehearsal tonight with the band and vocal team. John Carlson just said "I've never had a rehearsal go this smooth." This says a lot coming from him. Praise God!

4. Phil, Bill, Don, Greg, and John have all been working hard getting the technology running. Some video editing and programming still needs to be done, but everything is on track. Thankfully, our new digital Yamaha board came in and we've got about all 48 channels filled and sounding great. Just in the nick of time!!!

5. With a strong choir rehearsal tomorrow, it should make for an exciting weekend of Easter worship.

6. A mom and her son who we have gotten to know through my son’s class at school has agreed to meet Carrie and attend the Saturday evening worship service at 6:30 pm. This is a great answer to prayer. I am sure it will blow her socks off. I pray God would be made very big to her and others like her through our services.

7. Keep praying that God would use the Easter weekend to win many for Him! Do your part by inviting a friend to come!

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Anonymous said...

great rehearsal tonight, scott!
i am so excited for my family to come down, and also for all the people who are inviting their friends/family members who don't know Christ. what a great opportunity :)