Monday, April 03, 2006


Welcome to “Deo Gloria” which means, “to God be the glory.” I look forward to continuing to keep you all informed on the various happenings within the Arts Ministry at Parkview via this weblog. At times I may invite some contributors to write entries that will update you on happenings within the ministry, or share devotional or instructional thoughts on various issues.

One great feature to blogspot is that you can leave comments without having a blogspot account. All you need to do is select “anonymous” and you can leave a comment anytime from anywhere with no strings attached. There are means by which you can get blog entries in e-mail format and there are also services by which you can get a daily digest of multiple blogs. More on that later….

In closing, I want to thank Lane DiVirgillio Swenka from “Immobiliere Global Webhosting” for agreeing to help manage this site. Lane is not only a skilled business owner and technician, but he is also a dedicated volunteer in the tech ministry at Parkview.

Until next time, “Deo Gloria!”


J Carlson said...

Cool Name!! :-)

Vitamin Z said...


Great to see you have made the jump over to my world. Also glad that our relationship can continue in force over the superficial medium of the internet.

All I need is my iBook,

Vitamin Z

scooterpastor said...

Correction Z... All you need is your ibook and a room with no less than 500 spectators. Remember, you don't do less than 500. (ok, an inside joke)