Sunday, April 09, 2006



Thanks for your prayers for Dan’s father, Forest Van Oss. He was transferred from the University Hospital to the Hospital in Pella a few days ago. His brain is still at risk for bleeding, but doctors are hopeful that careful monitoring of his blood pressure will allow him to return to a reasonable state of life in the days ahead.


Dale is home and in recovery. Keep praying that her voice would recover from the damage caused by her hospitalization. Also, pray that her body would recover so she can get a much needed ankle replacement surgery that will allow her to enjoy life more fully.


I heard from Keri Boer yesterday. She says that Rob is continuing to make strides forward every day, but he is frustrated by his fatigue and slow to recover memory problems. They are still waiting to hear from the physicians about what the next step will be for treating his brain for any possible remaining cancer. I’ll close this update with a letter from Rob.

- - -

Dear friends,

My language is improving each day, though yesterday I had more energy but today I was very tired all day. I need to nap twice a day – I’m not the same as I was before my brain surgery. I spent 11 days in the Duke hospital, but I don’t remember that many days; I only remember 5 days – it’s really scary. I’m unable to do as much as before the surgery; I need to focus on each day and not think of the future right now. I can’t teach at Montreat College right now, and will be on disability/leave for the rest of the semester.

I thank you all for your prayers. My life is completely different after the 70% removal of the brain tumor, and I have to kneel before Jesus to focus all of me when I have no idea what my life might be like now and the future. The tumor was tested as Grade II (weak/benign), and we have a appointment at Duke the first week of May for an MRI to see how the rest of the tumor is acting, and whether I need chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Jesus is amazing and continues to bless me. All I can do is lay before Him and dedicate my life to Him, because I can’t know what might life be as I continue to heal/recover.

May Jesus guide your life!
-Robert Boer

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