Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend Thanks

Thanks to all of you who contributed to such a blessed weekend of worship and praise this last weekend at Parkview! To John Carlson, the band, and choir, thank you for giving us such a picture of heavenly worship; and to Josh Malone and the others who provided research help, I deeply appreciated your accountability and encouragement that pushed me to deliver a teaching that I pray was Biblically faithful and personally engaging.

If any of you missed the weekend message on Revelation 4 and 5, you can catch it here. I may (or may not) release some notes at a later date for those of you who would be interested in reviewing some of the interpretations and applications I discussed within the message.

BTW: Thanks also goes to Eli Suddarth for coordinating the weekend baptisms and for Phil, Bill, and Don for all the work that went into moving our services throughout the facility and dealing with all the complexities of the integrated baptisms! Great job!


Anonymous said...

REALLY enjoyed service this weekend! Most especially liked the 4 points of Application made at the end. Your preaching style was very colorful/visual and easy to relate seemed very natural.

Also, let the choir know that they did an amazing job! I loved the last song they sounded really rich and very choral. And their facial expressions were nice.

Also loved the whole baptism segment. And the little bit of congregational singing at the end was a nice touch...we do that at my old church and it just wraps everything up in a great way.

-Jen Essington

scooterpastor said...


I'm glad you appreciated it. Praise the Lord!

We prayed for you at choir this week. I bet you are anxious for that new little one to come!