Monday, October 23, 2006

Net Bible

This is probably old news for some of you, but is something quite new to me. Net-Bible is a newer translation of the Bible that is a completely free resource, accessible online, and also available for free download. The web version is very user friendly and complete with translator notes and numerous other study aids. Several leading Evangelicals highly recommend it. Check it out here. Below are some informational points from the website. This will hopefully be a wonderful study aid for you and Christians around the world!
  • The first to be completely free for you to download completely (download the whole Bible and 60,932 notes)
  • The first to offer you insights into the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic texts to enrich your study of God’s Word like never before
  • Accurate, Readable and Elegant! The pinnacle for a great Bible translation is to achieve balance without compromise. The NET Bible’s unique translators notes have made it possible to achieve all three. The text is optimized for readability and elegance while the notes provide added accuracy.
  • 60,932 Translators Notes - never before has a modern translation of the Bible contained the notes the translator's made as they worked with the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts. This allows beautiful insight into the meaning of the original languages.
  • References to more than 700 scholarly works enable readers to directly benefit from hundreds of thousands of hours of scholarly research from more than 700 ancient and modern scholarly works.
  • Engaging online community discussions enable iron to sharpen iron. The forum is the place to discuss the Bible, translation issues, exegeses, theology and more.
  • Plus the thousands and thousands of pages of trustworthy commentaries, articles, character studies and more on provide insights from some of the world's best minds.


Vitamin Z said...

Does it work for MAC?

scooterpastor said...

It did say in the download notes that it is mac compatible.

Anonymous said...

My Greek prof & friend Dan Wallace is/was the general editor for this project which was designed as an open-source (i.e. - free) bible that was translated by top-notch scholars from the original languages (rather than an update like RSV->ESV). It also is continuously open to suggestions for revision by any readers/scholars that feel it could be more clear or accurate (unlike Wikipedia, these changes must make it past the language experts like Wallace before they are incorporated). FYI: The German Bible Society actually used the NET Bible to make a diglot (English on one page Greek on the other) for the NT (quite an honor showing the quality of this translation). If you don't know the Greek/Hebrew this bible is indespensible. If you do it's still really cool b/c the notes tell you all of what you forgot or never learned! Good stuff.

Julie said...

I own a print version of the NET... the notes are AWESOME and so are the maps... actual satellite images from above. It's a great biblestudy tool, I use it alot. :-)