Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You Know You’re Loved When…

…your beloved sister sends you a new t-shirt as a surprise gift only to find out the shirt has the word “DORK” plastered in large letters across the front. In an act of courage I wore the shirt to tonight’s band and vocal rehearsal. Watch out for future dork sightings!

And for my sis, be sure to watch for future postal deliveries. You never know when your little brother might return the love.


First Theology said...

Nice shirt :) Back in college I got curious about the etymology of the word DORK. I found a pretty cool website with etmology online that gave a kinda frightening (but not surprising) answer:

I think we decided that instead of that "meaning" we would make it an ancronym for:


j lassen said...

dude! i leave five minutes early and miss the picture :)

scooterpastor said...

OK Josh. I definately prefer your acrostic!

Jenna, what can I say? Sometimes it pays to stay to the end of a rehearasal! Even if it does go over! :)

First Theology said...

Scott- Funny you called it an acrostic and I said acronym. It's funny because even tho I spelled "acronym" wrong (not surprising for me), I wrestled with whether what I had had made up was an "acronym" or "acrostic". I settled on acronym because acronym's are typically creating new pronounable words from the first letter of existing words (radar, laser...), while acrostics are typically text/script/poems that take the first letter or syllable of verses/paragraphs to spell out a message or word - but typically they spell an existing word or message.

emily said...

oh!! fun! Scott-great shirt! I wish I could be there to laugh! Miss you guys!

scooterpastor said...

Josh, you're too smart for your own good! :)

Good to hear from you Emily. We miss you too!

C-Dub said...

Scott...that shirt totally fits! That Brenda is pretty darn sharp to get you a shirt like that...she just knows the truth my brotha...just knows the truth. Also, prediction for this weekend: Montana 24 Iowa 23...OUCH!

scooterpastor said...

C-DUB... just thought I'd clarify. FINAL:

Iowa 41
Montana 7