Thursday, August 10, 2006

Worship God Update

Hey Friends. Carrie and I are enjoying “Worship God 06” here in Gaithersburg, Maryland. We arrived in Washington DC yesterday around 11 am and took a few hours downtown before heading to Gaithersburg. Last night we enjoyed some inspiring worship followed by a message by Jeff Purswell who serves as Dean of the Sovereign Grace Pastor's College. For a detailed account of the conference, you can read the blog by Tim Challies who is “live blogging” the entire conference in detail.

BTW: I am presently watching news on the terrorist scare in London and watching camera footage of Washington National Airport where we will be departing on Saturday. In light of the situation, your prayers are appreciated! Better get to the airport EXTREMELY early!


Anonymous said...

Care Bear, whatcha drinkin' there in front of the Capitol building? jboats

scooterpastor said...

Nice try JBoats! The drinks cost $3.50 a piece; however, they only contained unfermented lemon juice, water, and sugar. The most expensive lemonade in DC!